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Does COVID-19 Have You Thinking About Divorce?

Many psychologists believe divorce rates will spike because of Covid-19.

It’s not hard to grasp why. Stay-at-home orders and dramatically reduced social schedules have forced couples to spend much more time together than they might choose.

“Because people can’t get out, they don’t have the escapes that they typically did,” says psychologist Kira Mauseth who is studying the psychological impact of the pandemic.

The pandemic has created a long season of intensive introspection. All of us are being forced to examine issues we were previously able to minimize through our typical routines.

The stress of this forced isolation is no doubt made worse by the financial and career strains that many are facing. This type of strain puts additional pressure on a marriage and causes fault lines to appear more clearly.

In short, COVID is causing the underlying conditions of marriages to come to the forefront.

Serving as a divorce lawyer for the past 25 years, I have tremendous sympathy for individuals contemplating the process. But if initiating the divorce is the right move, I can certainly help. I am a family law attorney based in Montgomery County, Maryland, and licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia. I have helped guide numerous residents through successful divorces.

If the COVID pandemic has you contemplating divorce or separation, and you are a Maryland or Washington, DC resident, contact me for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the upsides and downsides of doing so now. If you choose to move forward, we can conduct our meetings remotely and discreetly or safely in person.

Courts are beginning to hold in-person proceedings in the Washington, DC metro area. Life will move on from this pandemic and so can you.

Lloyd Malech is a family law attorney with The Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech in Bethesda, Maryland.

Malech Law is located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. For more than 25 years, Mr. Malech has provided aggressive and effective representation for his clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia. This year, he was selected as the Best of Bethesda 2022 Readers’ Pick for Best Family Law Practitioner. He has also been given the Lawyers of Distinction Award Recognizing Excellence in the Area of Divorce and Family Law for the past three consecutive years and has just been recognized as a Family Law Top 10 Attorney for 2021 by “Attorney and Practice Magazine.”

Visit Malechlaw.com or call (202) 441-2107.

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