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Whenever a married couple divorces or an unmarried couple with children chooses to end their relationship, the process of deciding the future of the children raises several important questions. Who will get custody of the children? What does “reasonable” visitation mean? Can child custody arrangements change after the divorce is finalized?

At Malech Law, we provide legal representation in divorce cases to residents of all of Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro area. Our law firm is led by local attorney Lloyd A. Malech, a seasoned trial lawyer who draws on the lessons learned during 25+ years of legal practice to give his clients effective legal representation.

“What makes me different is that I put the family first. I really care about the future of my clients — and their children. When my clients conclude the divorce process, I want their children to be in the best possible position.” — Attorney Lloyd A. Malech

Basic Information About Child Custody in Maryland and Washington, DC

Family law courts in Maryland and the District treat child custody and visitation questions similarly — although there are some differences in terms of procedures. Attorney Lloyd A. Malech is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions and has in-depth understanding of the laws and procedures in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.

In both states, the laws state that child custody shall be determined according to the best interests of the child. The laws do not favor one parent over the other. In other words, mothers are no longer automatically presumed to be the best parent to have primary physical custody of the children. If the parents are not able to negotiate an acceptable custody and visitation agreement, then the court will consider several factors in order to create a custody and visitation order that serves the child’s best interests.

In Maryland, divorcing spouses with children are required to attend parenting classes as part of the divorce process. The parenting classes provide guidance about how to talk to children of different ages about the divorce and provide suggestions for how parents can set aside other conflicts in order to make custody and visitation agreements that put the child’s needs first.

In both states, unmarried parents have the same rights and obligations with regard to child custody as married parents have.

Get Experienced Legal Assistance in Child Custody Disputes

If you suspect that child custody will be a point of conflict during your divorce, early legal advice can help you set realistic expectations and take early steps that may help your case down the road.

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