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Child support is one of the most important questions that must be settled in any divorce case or case where non-married parents are splitting up when minor children are involved.  To be sure, child support awards have very serious financial consequences for both parents — and for every child of the couple.  That is why the child support negotiations should be treated with the seriousness they deserve.

At Malech Law, we provide careful and thorough legal representation in when child support is likely to be a point of conflict. We offer cost-effective legal services to residents of all of Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area.

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Aggressive, Friendly and Caring Legal Representation

Malech Law is led by attorney Lloyd A. Malech, a seasoned lawyer who has handled thousands of cases in his 25+ year legal career. Mr. Malech’s advanced experience allows him to serve as an aggressive and protective advocate on our clients’ behalf. At the same time, we pride ourselves on offering clients a friendly and caring environment in which they can freely discuss their fears and hopes during the divorce process.

Child Support Calculations in Maryland and the District of Columbia

In both Maryland and the District, child support is calculated according to firm guidelines set by state law. The child support calculations take into consideration each parent’s gross income and the way in which child custody or parenting time is divided.  The guidelines will generally be adhered to by the court.  However, there are many situations in which the court will deviate from them.  Since no two situations are the same, you certainly need to insure you are paying or receiving a just and equitable child support award.

Child support disputes regarding a fair amount of monthly support often arise when the child has special needs or when one parent accuses the other of hiding income or accepting voluntary underemployment so as to limit child support contributions.

Child support is also available to unmarried parents in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Unmarried parents are treated the same way as married couples with children for purposes of child support and child custody.

Mr. Malech was very professional in his listening and understanding of my situation and and was prompt and respectful with his responses with me.

-James Ruggles


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