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At the beginning of the pandemic, my brother was arrested while in the throes of a mental health crisis. Mr. Malech was assigned as my brother’s Public Defender and provided thoughtful, empathetic and effective counsel throughout the legal proceedings. The case was not an easy one. My brother has struggled with chronic mental health issues for almost thirty years and due to the pandemic, there were new constraints surrounding hearings and attorney-client communication. The case was further complicated by competency issues that seemed insurmountable. Mr. Malech was so generous with his time listening and learning about my brother’s history and the manifestation of his illness. He treated my brother’s case as an important matter and was always considerate of his humanity. He was instrumental in helping my brother gain the insight that allowed him to regain competency and provided compassionate and pragmatic guidance and advocacy every step along the way.
As a family, we were so fortunate to have Lloyd Malech as my brother’s attorney. My brother is safely back at home and receiving the support that he needs to protect his mental health. I am grateful for Mr. Malech’s service to my brother every day and recommend his practice to anyone in need of a skilled, experienced and compassionate attorney.



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