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I believe I was fortunate enough to find one of the best lawyers in town. Divorce is bad enough as it is, but I began my divorce process a few weeks before Covid hit. Lloyd first met with me after hours to hear my case. We only had 4 days to prep and be ready for court. I immediately felt like I could feel the ground under me again.

He was very courteous, responsive and most of all patient with my many questions. He was extremely professional and never made promises he could not keep. Like most people, I had never been through a divorce before so I did not know what I was supposed to do or what may happen next which is so scary especially when there is a child involved. Lloyd worked hard for me and was on top of it all. Very thorough and very detailed. He took the time to explain the process, my options, and what I could expect next all while being sensitive to the often-frustrating situation I was in. At the same time had the tenacity and warrior mentality to prepare ahead of time and anticipate any attack, allegations and/or conversation that could come up in court.

In court he was calm, collected and very courteous. But he Attacked, he got his point across to opposing side and he got it across to the judge very clearly. In the end when the Judge objected to something, he demanded the “Courts” rise to give judgement to me and to deny any comfort to the opposing side. Even then he put all the facts in front of the court and did not leave anything off the table. He didn’t blink an eye until he got the judgement I wanted in court and he made me walk out with my head held high.

I felt I was working with the best attorneys available the whole time and I still believe that in retrospect.


Lloyd has been my divorce lawyer. He has been extremely professional competent and managed to successfully complete my divorce without trial after intense negotiations.He is very skill full and trustworthy.I would recommend Lloyd to anyone.I was in good hands and well-taken care off.

Antoine C.

Lloyd Malech is an amazing lawyer!  He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of divorce. My divorce was very contentious and Lloyd was able to out maneuver my ex at every juncture. He was great to work with. He made me comfortable in the most uncomfortable time of my life. I strongly recommend you retain him if you want a great outcome in your divorce.

Vasti B.

Lloyd handled my divorce with concern and personal service. He was efficient and was knowledgeable about some sticky issues. He also was very understanding while I was going through some very difficult personal circumstances. He was knowledgeable, adept, and well respected at the courthouse. Not only do I highly recommend him in general, but I have already recommended him to a close friend who is currently using his services.

John H.

Mr.Malech is an amazing Attorney. All that I received, he work it out for my good. Attorney Malech has a wonderful personality and so easy to work with. He’s always  pleasant and kind. Working with Attorney Malech I had no worries, and for that reason,  we came out winning .


I don’t know how to thank you for your professional initiative. Mr Malech is a very professional lawyer, who takes his time with his clients. Its objective is not for profit. his ultimate goal is to support his client and follow the case to the end. I highly recommend Mr Malech for all cases.


“Lloyd always has his clients best interest at heart.
if you are in need of someone to represent you,
he is your guy!”


Mr. Malech is an amazing Attorney. All that I received!!! He works it all out for my benefit.

Deborah K.

I highly recommend this lawyer! He was very helpful in my divorce and custody case, he is very reasonable, knowledgeable, pays attention to details, and has a lot of experience.

Ekaterina Z.

Lloyd is one of the best lawyers out there today. He is compassionate, aggressive, professional and knows the law.

Hector R.

When I first met Lloyd Malech he was sure to let me know he was a “trial” attorney; as I soon realized his fearlessness, responsiveness, and overall knowledge of the law was the best decision I could make in the Washington, DC area. I highly recommend Lloyd for all of your legal challenges, whether Divorce, domestic, personal, etc. Good Luck!

Carlton P.

My wife and I were worried about some legal issues and Lloyd was extremely helpful in answering questions that gave us peace of mind.

Brian M.

This MAN is GREAT at what he does & i recommend him for ANY type of legal matter!!!! Thank You MR. MALECH

Antonio S.

Thank you so much Lloyd!!! Thank you for fighting this war with us! I did not expect that document to be so thorough. You are really gifted at what you do.


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