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Child Support

Providing financial support for a child is known as “Child Support.” Navigating the legal issues requires depth of experience in this area, as well as a thorough knowledge of the guidelines, which differ from state to state. At Malech Law, we have experience in these matters, and provide a careful review of the issues for child support negotiations.

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    Initiating a Child Support Claim

    Review and Revision of Existing Child Support Orders

    Presumptive Child Support Guidelines

    Deviation from the Child Support Guidelines

    The Maryland Child Support Guidelines

    The D.C. Child Support Guidelines

    Child Support Enforcement Agency

    When Must the Court Approve of Child Support Agreements

    Change of Financial Circumstances

    Inability to Pay Child Support

    Voluntary Impoverishment

    Motion to Modify Existing Child Support Orders

    Motions to Enforce Child Support Orders

    Permanently Disabled Child - Permanent Child Support

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    The above areas detail many of the legal issues involved in child support cases. If you are seeking a child support lawyer for information concerning a specific issue, please contact us for a confidential initial consultation.



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