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Ask Lloyd! Our New Video Series…

With over 25 years of experience practicing law in Maryland, Lloyd Malech has acquired a vast array of knowledge that he now wants to share with you. In his new “Ask Lloyd” series, he will take questions submitted to him at his email – lloyd@malechlaw.com. To protect the privacy of people asking questions and make sure that the answer speaks to the issue for all viewers, the questions will be anonymous, and the answers will speak to the issue generally. Ask Lloyd is his way of fulfilling his passion for justice.

Over his career, Lloyd has litigated civil and criminal law, but his passion for helping people through tough times led him to focus on family law. Lloyd represents parties in divorce, custody, and support issues, helping his clients thrive during their most difficult days. His family law attorney experience has given him a great understanding of how best to work with clients to achieve their desired outcomes and to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Many people can go their whole lives without working with an attorney, and Lloyd understands that the law can be confusing and intimidating. Being able to get clarity on legal questions by getting answers from a knowledgeable source can make the prospect of a lawsuit or other legal issues easier to handle. Some topics Lloyd can discuss include:

· Family Law – ask questions about Maryland family law related to the basics about divorce, custody, child support and other issues covered in this area.

· Litigation – learn more about how a real litigation matter proceeds and how it differs from the movies.

· Working with an attorney – get some tips about best practices for every aspect of working with an attorney from the engagement to termination, and everything in between.

· Preparation –much of a legal matter runs more smoothly when you get your ducks lined up, so get some suggestions on how to get ready.

· And More – this is your opportunity to ask the questions that you need answered!

It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to dealing with a legal issue. Take advantage of the Ask Lloyd opportunity to learn from a skilled attorney who is excited to share his broad experience. Don’t delay, send your question to lloyd@malechlaw.com today!

Thank you for reading our blog! 

If you need legal representation in Maryland or the District of Columbia, consider contacting Malech Law. With over 25 years of experience, we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Our accolades include the 2024 Family Law American Association of Attorney Advocates recognition, being a finalist in the 2024 Best of Bethesda Readers’ Pick for Best Family Law Practitioner, and winning the same award in 2022. We’ve also been honored with the Lawyers of Distinction Award for Excellence in Divorce and Family Law for the past five consecutive years. At Malech Law, we approach every case with respect, empathy, and a dedication to excellence. Contact us today for professional legal assistance.

Visit Malechlaw.com or call (202) 441-2107.

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