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Divorced Dads Celebrate Father’s Day Too

When a family goes through a divorce, holidays celebrating a parent can be challenging for everyone. Father’s Day can be a bittersweet occasion that opens wounds unless handled well. Regardless of the custodial arrangement, it takes careful planning and consideration to navigate it in a way that respects everyone involved, including your children. Here are some suggestions on how to handle Father’s Day:

  1. Communication: Co-parenting needs some level of communication, no matter how much ex-spouses would prefer to avoid one another. For holidays, discussing your plans with one another is essential to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings. For occasions like Father’s Day, if Dad doesn’t have custody of the child, communicate with one another to see if an exception is to be made.
  2. Prioritize the children’s well-being: Keep the focus on your children’s happiness and well-being. Father’s Day is promoted heavily, so your children will be aware that it is coming up. They will be thinking about their Dad and likely wanting to spend time with him. Be available and present for your children so they can make the day about Dad.
  3. Plan in advance: If possible, work together to create a schedule that allows the children to spend time with both parents on Father’s Day. You can divide the day or alternate the years, allowing each parent to have dedicated time with the children. This arrangement will help ensure the children have meaningful experiences with each parent on this special day.
  4. Be respectful: Even if you may have negative feelings towards your ex-spouse, it is important to remember that your children did not choose their parents, and you need to be respectful of their love for your ex-spouse. If your feelings about your ex are too strong, Father’s Day is not the day to express them. Either enjoy the day with your kids or let them think about or spend time with their Dad without hearing how the adults feel about each other.
  5. Focus on quality over quantity: If you have limited time with your children on Father’s Day, make the most of the time you do have. Plan activities that allow you to bond and create lasting memories together. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of time but the quality of the moments you share.
  6. Create your own celebration: If your children are not with you on Father’s Day, consider celebrating on a different day when you have them. You can plan a special outing or create a meaningful tradition that you can continue year after year. This way, you can still have a personal celebration with your children.
  7. Practice self-care: Father’s Day can be emotionally challenging during a divorce, particularly if you’re not able to spend it with your children. Take care of yourself and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Surround yourself with loved ones or engage in hobbies that make you happy. Remember, self-care is important for your well-being, and it will benefit your children as well.

Every situation is unique, so it’s essential to find a solution that works for your specific circumstances and the best interests of your children. If you need guidance on making sure that Father’s Day is a day of celebration, consult with your attorney about strategies to handle this and other holidays.

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