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November is Gratitude Month

The end-of-year holidays are often called the Season of Giving, and this can come in many forms. In the most recent episode of the Ask Lloyd series, Lloyd was joined by Cristin Caine from Charity Connect to talk about volunteering and the role it can plan in the life of someone who has recently gone through a divorce. Cristin had some insightful and occasionally surprising thoughts, and there was a lot to be learned from the conversation.

The Secret About Joint Custody: Time

It’s not something to brag about, but after a divorce, parents find themselves with time on their hands. When couples are still married, childcare time is often spent together – meals, vacations, sports, and other activities happen as a family. When a divorced parent has the kids, the other parent has free time, and they sometimes struggle to know what to do with it. Some people find that they want to fill that time with something a little more meaningful, and they consider volunteering.

Being Mindful About Giving

Cristin is a big believer in volunteering. After all, she founded Charity Connect as a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to matching people with the right opportunity. At the end of the year, she recommends that people think about their time, talent, and treasure when it comes to giving. The holidays are a busy time for most nonprofit organizations, and they may be better served by a financial donation in the short term with a longer-term commitment to other forms of giving (i.e. time and talent). Many organizations kick off the new year with a volunteer drive, so a check for the holidays, along with a sign-up for orientation in January, is a great way to get connected to an organization.

Finding the Right Fit

Volunteering should fill you with passion, and time spent helping others should be energizing and rewarding. If it isn’t, maybe there’s a better fit out there. Every organization has a variety of needs, so it’s possible to pick both a cause and the method of helping the cause that best suits you. One person’s chore is another person’s bliss, and there’s no shame in focusing on the latter. After all, you are more likely to stick to your schedule and make a long-term commitment to an organization if you finish each session pumped and pleased with your contribution. Luckily, Charity Connect is a great way to start looking for the right place and project.

At Malech Law, we work with our clients to get to a better place in their lives, and we strongly encourage them to be proactive in forming a new life for themselves following a divorce. Volunteering is an excellent way to start this new chapter with a meaningful, fulfilling activity that involves giving back, meeting new people, and making the world a better place.

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